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Framing & Design Tips

We're hoping that this list will cover most of the questions you might have about us. If not, feel free to e-mail any questions to questions@bartlettframing.com and we will be happy to respond.

How much will it cost to frame my picture?
The honest answer is, “We don't know.” Due to the many variables including size, mats, glass, and frame (to name a few), any answer would be no more than a guess. We would rather tell you this truth than give you a low cost in hope of enticing you to come to our shop.
Having said that, we would love for you to bring in your project so we can give you an exact estimate based on the best look for your specific piece of art.

How long will it take to finish framing my artwork?
Our normal turn-around time is two weeks. We are more than happy to make accommodations for projects needing to be done on a deadline.
Do you run sales, have coupons, or offer discounts?
At Bartlett Gallery & Framing, we value honesty in our pricing. We offer a consistent price equal with the value of the materials and techniques we provide for your artwork.
We have done a lot of research about sales and coupons in the framing industry. We found that the 50% offers were either worded in such a way to only give the discount on the frame and exclude mats, glass, and everything else or the framing was grossly overpriced in order to offer a seemingly large discount.
Also, many shops offer a coupon essentially all the time. We won't name any specific retailer, but if you are so inclined, take a moment to read this press release:http://www.ag.ny.gov/press-release/ag-schneiderman-secures-18-million-michaels-stores-misleading-consumers  Basically, if a store offers a certain discount in every newspaper, magazine, or mailer all the time; you're not getting an honest sale price, you're paying a regular retail price disguised as a sale.

Is my artwork framed on the premises or elsewhere?
We order materials from both local and national suppliers; some who import their frames from Europe, but every project is produced on site by us.

Does my artwork need glass?
In almost every case, yes; although glass is usually not used on oil or acrylic paintings.
Some craftspeople do not like to cover cross-stitches, needle-points, or embroidery due to the idea that the glass can hide some of the detail inherent in the fabrics. We disagree with this strongly. Without the protection from dust, damage, and fading that glass provides, art on fabric will get dingy and fade in a fairly short time. This is true for any artwork other than the aforementioned oils and acrylics.

How should my picture be mounted?
It depends on the piece. As a general guideline, readily replaceable prints can be permanently mounted on a board. Anything that has potential value, either monetarily or historically needs to be mounted in a way that preserves the piece and is 100% reversible.
With our combined forty years of experience, we will know the proper way to take care of your artwork.

What does matting do?
Matting provides space between the art and the frame, separates the glass for the surface of the art, and should also enhance the overall beauty of the artwork.

How do I hang my framing?
We include standard hanging hardware with every project, based on the size and weight of the framing. If your picture needs to hang on a surface that does not allow the use of a standard hanger, let us know and we will try to find the right hanging solution for you.

Can you repair a damaged frame?
In many cases, yes. We must see the frame to know for sure so please bring it to us and we'd be happy to evaluate the frame and fix it if possible.

Can you clean or repair my artwork?
We can do very limited cleaning or mending of artwork on paper. Art on canvas, photos, or fabric need a trained professional conservator.

Do you buy or take artwork on consignment?
Almost all the secondary market for artwork has shifted to the online marketplace through sites like ebay or craigslist. As such, we no longer take consignments and only buy artwork through licensed publishers.

Can you tell me the value of my artwork?
We have no resource different than what is available to you. A search on ebay should tell you what a particular piece of art is selling for at the moment. Any more requires the help of an appraiser who has resources available for a fee. Contact the American Society of Appraisers at www.appraisers.org for help finding an appraiser near you.